edTech Crisis Response & Recovery virtual Team


edTechCRT is a non-commercial support group and information hub for education technology professionals created in response to the challenges we are all facing during the current COVID19 pandemic. Our goals are (1) to set up an ad hoc communication network, and (2) to create a community wide virtual team to collect and share critical information.

Who is this for

Heads, technology directors and leaders, learning tech coordinators, technology specialists, tech support providers, edtech volunteers, vendors, service providers--anyone in schools or who work in education technology.

Note: This community will consist of education and business professionals. No solicitation is allowed.

Getting Started

1. Join Slack

To get started, please use this Slack invite link

  • you will be added to the edTechCRT Slack Workspace which will serve as our primary group chat, collaboration and support workspace

2. Contribute

  • Request access to Confluence, our primary Wiki for links and resources. Login here if you already a member.
  • A big thank you to Atlassian for fast-tracking this opensource license. Proof is a 15-year customer of Atlassian and it is thoughtfulness and support that keeps us coming back.
  • Github Repository -- any donated/open source sourcecode we happen to generate

Code of Conduct

The edTechCRT code of conduct.


edTechCRT is an initiative of The Proof Group and its education partners. Proof is a virtual technology team with a deep history of working with schools to improve education operations through technology strategy and software systems.